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The conference was very good and ran smoothly with having different time zones in play . The material was well presented . I look forward to future webinar.

- Theresa Tedesco, SRO Liaison, Hampton Bays School District

Very useful information presented in ways to be passed along to the district I work in.

- Kyle Resser, SRO, City of Sequim

Overall, I think that the conference was a success. It was very interesting and beneficial. I teach a School Resource Officer class to all new SRO's in Tennessee 2 times a year and the FERPA presentation by Gary was incredible. I will be utilizing some of the information in my upcoming classes. It was done so that it was easy to understand for everyone. I was impressed with how the courses were done remotely and the level of knowledge the instructors displayed. Great 4 days and I am looking forward to it next year!!

- Lieutenant Joseph Seaton, SRO supervisor, Blount Country Sheriff’s Office

My favorite presentation, by far, was about autism and police response. I also didn't know about how those with autism have an increased risk of dying from positional asphyxia. I believe my whole police department needs training on this! I realized that my school EOP needs work, and I also appreciate all of the discussions about EOP's this week! I definitely need to find a tactful way to communicate this information with my school's administration to open discussions about tweaking our EOP to be clearer and more effective!

Lastly, the discussion about teacher metal health was SO important. With COVID-19 right now, I've noticed such a change in the teacher's attitudes and stress levels this year as opposed to other years. I passed along the suggested book "Take Time For You" to some teachers on my school staff already! I would have never been able to make the conference in Vegas, so I appreciate the opportunity to attend this conference virtually. Thank you SO much for all of the help and for the opportunity to learn and grow professionally!

-M.G. Morini, Detective SRO, Wells Police Department

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