Neil Sandhoff

Neil Sandhoff has dedicated the past 22 years to making the world safer. Following his education at Villanova University, he served as an officer in the U.S. Navy leading and advising on counterterrorism, security, and Chemical/Biological/Radiological/Nuclear and High Explosive (CBRNE) operations, policy development, training, and planning. Following his experience serving in the military, Neil transitioned to the private sector to provide security and technology solutions to government and commercial partners. By leveraging his Defense background and private sector experience, he helps customers achieve technical and operational security solutions that are scalable, balanced, and layered.  Neil has developed strategies and programs for the Department of Defense, Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Intelligence Community, and the Department of Homeland Security.   He has also helped local governments, schools, stadiums, theme parks, and many other iconic venues develop comprehensive security solutions.    

Neil is currently the Vice President of Education at Evolv Technology, a security technology company that puts customers’ operational and security needs first as we develop technology that is innovative, thoroughly tested, and disrupts the traditional physical security market.  Neil is focused on helping school districts achieve a layered security approach that allows students and faculty to focus on learning by minimizing the social and emotional trauma schools face today due to increased violence in their communities and across the nation.