ways to improve school security

Ways To Improve School Security that Every School Needs!

May 19, 2020

If you have been looking for effective ways to improve school security, then keep reading, and we’ll cover everything you need to know about effective school safety! In this day and age, ways to improve school security and school security systems are something that, as educators and administrators, we can’t overlook. Across the United States,…

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facts about school bullying

Important Facts About School Bullying

May 7, 2020

If you want to learn more about school bullying and how to prevent it, then keep reading, and we’ll cover a variety of different subjects about school bullying and how to stop it. Unfortunately, social media hasn’t helped with school bullying and students, and children being bullied at school. In fact, social media has spread…

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Safety Rules at School

Safety Rules At School Have Never Been More Important!

May 2, 2020

Your school must be proactive when it comes to safety rules at school, have you got emergency plans in place? We live in an everchanging school and learning environment and being proactive about safety rules at school is an important part of prevention plans. In the following article, we’re going to take a look at…

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The Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) On Students

Apr 22, 2020

What has the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) had on students around the world? Students around the world have suddenly been forced out of their classrooms and schools as different countries around the world react to the rapidly developing COVID-19 pandemic. Schools around the world have been forced to come up with strategies to help prevent…

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To Our Valued Attendees, Partners, and Speakers

Apr 17, 2020

In light of the recent turn of events concerning the COVID-19, which is now declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) a global pandemic, making nations to declare a state of public health emergency and after careful assessment of information and directives from medical and health experts, the National School Response Conference 2020 Committee and its Board Advisors has…

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